If you want to share your corporate message with the world, you’ll have to start by ingraining it in the mindset of your own company. You need to spread the message to your own staff first and a great way to do that is by simply printing your corporate mission.
Most companies have art in the office, but with high quality graphic design you can incorporate the mantras you want your staff to live by into stylish internal branding messages, strategically placed around the office. This is art, but it will give you so much more.
Impress visitors
As well as reinforcing the core values of your company at literally every turn with some impressive poster printing or canvas prints which can make for an awe-inspiring display for visitors – both clients and potential recruits – to your company. It goes beyond simple art, too.
Pick any company with a reputation for great service (How Starbucks, Walmart and IBM launch brands internally and what you can learn from them) and you’ll find they focus on internal branding. It’s a commitment from the top up to make your staff live and breathe the company philosophy and care about the company’s success. It’s a team effort where everybody matters and everybody contributes to the cause.
What is your internal brand?
So what are the phrases you should consider? If you don’t have a corporate ethos set in stone then think about the following questions:
– What is the first word or phrase that comes to mind when people hear your company name?
– What are your core brand values?
– What do your customers say about you?
– What is the highest compliment you receive?
– What quality are you looking for in your staff?
– What excites your employees about your company?
– What do you say to inspire your staff?
There are so many other questions you can ask and the answers will give you a wealth of material that can motivate, inspire and drive your staff on to make your company better. Art alone simply won’t cut it, of course, but you can use these framed, clear-cut mantras as the cornerstone of an educational programme that will help you drive your company forward.
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It’s a small step in the right direction, but you might be surprised where this takes you. Of course, if you already have ideas and want to put them into practice, get in touch with Print UK today!