All SME’s know how key marketing their business is. Letting people know what you do and where you are is paramount to attracting customers. One fabulous way of going about this is using flyer printing to connect with people. Cheap to print and easy to hand out, flyers have many benefits which makes them a great marketing tool. Before you can get the most from them though, you need to know what makes a top-class flyer.

Keep it snappy

When designing your flyer, it is key to remember how they are used and what their main goal is. Flyers are there to grab people’s attention and be easy to read quickly when handed out. This will not happen with a flyer that is crowded with too much text or overly wordy. A top tip is to keep any text on the flyer short and snappy while getting the main points across. Many will use bullet points on their flyer printing but you could also think of using infographic style design too.

Think about colour

Another great tip on designing effective flyers which stand out from the crowd is choosing the colours used in it carefully. Different colours will have different effects on how people respond to it and how they perceive your business. An all black flyer which looks scary is not ideal if you run a baby sitting service for example! Bright colours are a good way to get your flyer noticed – just be careful not to have too many on there which clash or look garish.

Make sure it is mistake free

Nothing will put people off from using your services like promotional material with mistakes on. With this in mind, it is key to proof your flyer carefully before running off an order. Look out for obvious grammatical errors and any words not spelt correctly. It is also key to look for missing details or things which do not make sense. If you do not put an address or contact number on for example, people will not be able to find you!

Get awesome flyers for your business today

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