In an era where online marketing campaigns seem to be the go-to solution when attempting to generate sales leads, it’s often far too easy to overlook more traditional methods of promotion such as folded leaflet printing and direct mail, (Note: The picture above is a nice innovative design where it is a folded leaflet but folds into becoming its own envelope) – whilst a well-meaning savvy web campaign might look the bee’s knees, it’s important to consider how to best engage with both existing and potential customers. It may come as a surprise, but in many instances, print is still King. Article: Direct Mail has a greater effect on purchase than digital ads.
Ultimately, your choice of marketing should be dictated by your target audience, although many companies make the mistake of operating solely online without considering that a direct mail campaign might reap rewards. Put simply, the classics never go out of style.
Know your audience
New media marketers might promote the idea that everybody is now connected to the internet, although the important thing to realise is not everybody actively engages with the online world. Consider a corner shop businessman, takeaway owner or pub landlord – to offer just three examples. Many established small-to-medium sized business owners have been responding to long established methods and are unlikely to embrace digital marketing. It’s therefore difficult to generate leads when your prospects have no intention of using Facebook or Google, so why not utilise leaflet printing and direct mail to target them instead?
The truth is that direct mail works. Whether it’s on a consumer level (think ordering a pizza from the firm that pushed a leaflet through your door) or in a business-to-business capacity (when the same restaurant you ordered your pizza from responded to a promotional leaflet and ordered a new oven), the outcome is the same: profit.
Longevity of direct mail campaigns
On average, 14% of leaflet recipients are likely to keep the literature they receive and potentially place an order – the same simply cannot be said for an online advert, which is gone in the blink of an eye.
That said, it’s important to ensure that your leaflet or flyer captures the imagination of your existing or prospective customers – try to be friendly; positive thinking always helps!
If that’s not your forte, consider contacting us to discuss graphic design and wider advertising ideas – it’s what we’re here for.
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