Digital marketing is growing every single day. But, not every part of business needs to be fully taken over by technology.
Print advertising is still here, and it’s here to stay.
Here are the top three reasons why you might want to consider a print marketing campaign for your business.
1. It’s trusted
The key to converting customers is to get them to trust your business. Print advertising is a fantastic way to do this – particularly if they feature a professional design.
In fact, a recent MarketingSherpa found that 82% of users trust print advertising when making a purchase decision – making them the most trusted form of advertising.
2. They last longer
Don’t get us wrong, online advertising is a great tool. It expands your reach and can help connect you with users at exactly the right time.
The downside? They’re temporary. As soon as someone clicks away from the ad they may never see it again – which means you’ve got seconds to make an impact.
However, print advertising doesn’t go anywhere.
If you give your customers a leaflet or mail them a brochure, they’ll be able to see your message for as long as your marketing stays with them. Brochure printing is a fantastic way of engaging with your customers and also being a tangible item for them to refer back to thus keeping your business front of mind.
3. They bring results
The main reason why print marketing isn’t dead? It still delivers results.
It’s perfect for targeting local customers, giving them something real and tangible that they can hold and interact with.
What’s more, customers prefer print marketing campaigns as 73% of people said that they prefer direct mail as an advertising method.
But a lot of small businesses aren’t doing it and are just focusing on online advertising. This is how you get ahead. Brochure printing is becoming increasingly more common in business spheres due to their effectiveness, its safe to say they shouldn’t be overlooked.
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After all, if you’re the only letter in your mailbox then you’re already winning the competition.
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