If you have recently set up a new business, then it is an exciting and busy time. As a new entrepreneur entering the business world, there is a lot to take on board and get done. One of the most important things to think about is how you will go about effectively marketing your new business to the public. Getting this right will help establish your brand presence and attract customers to shop with you or use your services.
But what are the best marketing methods for modern businesses?
Flyers and Leaflets
We all know that digital marketing is essential for success, but don’t make the mistake of focusing only on this channel. Traditional print marketing still has its place and can often be more noticeable, trusted and valued by the public. Working with a good external graphic design agency to have promotional flyers or leaflets produced is a great way to begin getting the word out about your new business, particularly when advertising locally. Whether you hand the flyers out personally, leave some leaflets at key sites or post them through people’s letterboxes, they are a great way to let everyone know you exist and even offer a voucher or other incentive to try your new business. Flyer printing is a cost effective way for start-ups with a limited budget to get their business heard about.
Social Media
Of course, digital marketing is something you should engage with also to cover all marketing bases. Within this, social media marketing is perhaps the best to focus on first as a new entrepreneur. Not only is it free to begin using and quick to sign-up with but it is also simple to use too. When you factor in the exposure it will give your new business to millions of people around the world, then it is a real no-brainer.
Friends and Family
When you are trying to get a start-up off the ground, very often your immediate network can be valuable. Encouraging your friends and family and their social networks to use your services or buy goods from you can start to get the money rolling in. If they also tell all their friends and work colleagues about you, then you will get some superb word of mouth advertising for free!
For more on marketing your start-up check out this article in Forbes Magazine: Five ways To Market Your Startup With Little Or Zero Budget.
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