When you start an e-commerce business, it can be tempting to advertise it exclusively online. After all, it’s easy for users to click through to your business directly from an online advert. However, this may be a mistake. It’s highly likely that not all your potential customers pay attention to online advertising. Online advertising is so prolific and impersonal that many people simply ignore it. If you really want your online start-up to be successful, you need to find a cost-effective, far-reaching and highly personal method of advertising it. In short, it’s time to turn to printed media advertising!
How can printed advertising help me connect with customers personally?
Sending potential customers printed advertising material by post is a great way to make them feel like they have a personal connection with your business. Direct Mailer based advertising is inherently personal because it is delivered straight to individual customers’ front doors! Sending high-quality printed leaflets or brochures directly to potential customers can make them feel valued while providing them with a compact and informative source of information about your business. As the Leaflet London website puts it, this makes leaflets “a high impact form of advertising”. E-commerce businesses can sometimes be perceived as a little impersonal, as they don’t have physical branches that customers can go into. Directly sending customers printed advertisements is a fantastic way to redress this perception.
Can printed advertising really help me reach a wider audience?
Posters and flyers can be put up in highly-populated public places to ensure that huge numbers of people get a chance to view them. A well-designed printed advertisement in a public place can often catch the eyes of passers-by in a way that online adverts (or even televised adverts) don’t. This is partly to do with the desire to ignore online advertising that we discussed in our introduction, but it is also because people tend to look for interesting features in their surroundings when they’re out and about. The small business website Chron phrases it very elegantly: “people are likely to notice posters out of sheer boredom” (Article: The Advantages Of Posters.) The setting will help your advertising material stand out more and affect more people!
Is printing adverts really an affordable option?
As a new e-commerce start-up, your business may not have the funding to launch a televised or radio-based advertising campaign. You may even find it difficult to fund an online advertising campaign over a long period. Printing your advertising material, however, is much cheaper i.e. leaflet printing. Not only is the printing process affordable, so is distributing your advertising material. Television and radio ads need to be played multiple times to reach a reasonably-sized audience, and online adverts need to be kept up for a long period. However, printed leaflets or flyers only need to be sent out to each prospective customer once and the cost of keeping a poster up in a public location is minimal. As such, costs are kept down. But don’t just take our word for it: check out our leaflet printing prices and our cheap poster printing prices.
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