If you’re looking for a really effective marketing strategy to win over clients and customers this Christmas, sending them a branded calendar is the perfect option. Here’s why.

Remember you all year long

The benefit of giving clients a calendar with your branding on it is that your name will stick in their minds every day of the year, whenever they glance at the calendar, so they’re unlikely to forget you!

However, one thing to bear in mind when you get your calendars printed is that this is an item that will need to last for 365 days, so make sure you choose high-quality printing options so that the calendar will continue to remain in great condition throughout the year.

Versatile styles

The beauty of printing calendars to give to customers is that you have got a huge range of options to choose from, so you can pick a calendar style that you think best reflects your brand or will appeal to your particular target audiences. Calendar printing is also a very functional gift as well as emphasising your brand daily to your client.

Desk calendars are especially popular if you want to send them to a number of different people who might work in an office, whereas a wall calendar will be handy for those working in a small business. In fact, whatever style, type or size of calendar you send this Christmas, you can be assured of a positive reaction, as it’s something that all of us need to refer to at some point in our daily lives.

Personalised calendars

You could also personalise a calendar so that it is specific to each person or industry sector, perhaps including useful tips that would be of benefit to them or including important dates, such as trade shows or events that are relevant to that sector.

Great for visual brands

If your business is focused on selling products or services that are highly visual, using imagery for the pages of the 12 months of the year on the calendar is a really effective way to show off what you have to offer. Images will especially look great when printed onto a large wall calendar, but for maximum visual impact, make sure you work with a quality design and printing company.

If other people aside from the recipients of the calendar also get to see it, this could arouse their interest in your brand, helping to generate further business.

If you’re seeking high-quality calendar design and printing, make sure to contact the experts at PrintUK.com.