In the modern business world, a lot of focus has been put on digital marketing. This includes things like social media marketing, email marketing campaigns and PPC ads. While this way of reaching consumers is valuable, the benefits of print marketing should not be forgotten. Using print supplies might seem hard though if this is something totally new to you. The key is finding the most effective ones to reach people with.

But what are 3 of the best to know about?


Flyers are enduringly popular and have been around for a long time. They are basically a piece of paper or card which tells people about your company. In addition, you can produce flyers that tell people about a specific promotion or event. Normally small in size, most flyers are around A5 in dimension. This works to their advantage because it makes them easy to hand out in person or leave in public places. Great value for money and an effective way to showcase your brand, flyers really are worth considering.

Business cards

Another form of print marketing that has been popular for a while is business cards. These are essentially small pieces of card that tell people who you are and who you work for. Small enough to fit in a wallet or purse, they make handing out your details to people when networking much easier. Handing over a professionally designed business card also looks more professional than scrawling your details on a piece of paper! Business cards can also come in handy when dealing with consumers face to face – once the conversation is done, handing it over ensures they have your details for any follow-up enquiries. Business card printing is essential for positive business communications.


Leaflets are also a form of print marketing that consumers trust and which enable you to connect with them. They work in a similar way to flyers but are usually bigger and contain more information. For this reason, they are often posted to potential customers or hand-delivered to people’s homes. Due to having more space for information, they are ideal for showing people your range of products, range of services and current promotions.

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