If you are just starting up your own business or plan to in the new year, marketing is a key area. All companies need a way to reach consumers but it is even more important for brand new businesses. As no one will know who you are, what you stand for or what you offer yet, finding the best ways to connect with them is sensible.

Although lots of attention is focused on what you should be doing, it is also worth considering the mistakes you should avoid. This is particularly true if this is the first time you have run a business and do not have any previous marketing experience. But which are some of the most common marketing mistakes to know about?

Not using print marketing

Everyone knows that digital marketing is very popular and a valid way of advertising your new business. One mistake to avoid though is focusing only on this way of marketing and neglecting to use print. Print supplies like flyers, leaflets and brochures should certainly be part of your overall plan to become established.

Not only are they a relatively low-cost way of letting people know you exist but they also give people a tangible reminder of your company. Print marketing supplies also carry a high level of trust with consumers and this can make them view your new business in a more positive light. For example brochure printing is a great cost effective way to target your existing and new customer base.

Spending too much money on marketing

This might sound a bit counter-intuitive when you think about how important marketing is. The key point to remember though is that you should not overspend on your campaigns. While you need to invest enough capital to see a return, you should not spend so much on marketing that it leaves you short in other key areas. Setting a sensible marketing budget also ensures that your new business does not run out of money before it even gets going.

Targeting the wrong people

It is all too easy to take a scattershot approach to marketing when starting a new venture. This random approach to marketing rarely works though because it sees you wasting money talking to people who have no interest in your services. It is much better to understand your audience, work out the best ways to engage them and then talk to them specifically.

For more on marketing your start up, give this fantastic article a read, 7 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 by Hemal Bhatt.

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