With the festive season just around the corner, you might be considering hosting a corporate event to celebrate with clients and customers. Ensuring you get a good turnout is important, especially if your event ties in with promoting your products or services. The first step to garnering interest from guests is to send them invites that grab their attention. Here are some top tips to achieve this.

Make it enticing

Make sure to include all of the essential details on the invite about the event, such as when and where it will be, what to expect, and the dress code. Don’t forget to mention who the recipient should reply to, as you’ll need to have an idea of numbers nearer the time.

You could always direct them to your website, social media pages or include a QR-code if you want to add any further information, without cluttering up the invite. Why not even include a countdown or updates on your social media pages to build anticipation for the event?

Even if your festive event is to promote a range of products, make guests feel that it’s worth their while attending and it’s not just for your benefit to boost your sales. Include an exclusive or enticing offer on the invite, for example. This could be a discount voucher to be used at the event, or by giving away a free goody bag to the first cohort of guests to arrive.

Colour choices

Get guests into the festive spirit by making careful colour choices when thinking about the graphic design elements of your invites. Red, green, gold and silver are key colours of the season, so make sure to focus on these on your invite. If you’re not sure how to present your invites, consider using invite design templates to give you some fresh ideas. Whatever colour choices you do include on your invite, don’t forget about the importance of white space – this will help to let your other design elements stand out, and will avoid information overload.

Use high-quality printing

Your invites should look professional and eye-catching, so make sure you use high-quality printing and design services. The quality of the paper used for the invites is important, but don’t forget to use quality envelope printing, too. It will make a great first impression that ensures your invite sparks interest in every recipient. Invitation printing is a great way to connect with your clients and increase event involvement.

If you’re seeking high-quality printing and design of invites for your festive event, get in touch with PrintUK.com today.