Using popular holidays to market certain promotions and offers is a hugely effective form of marketing. Not only does it show your business is current and up to date it captures the attention of your customers keeping you in their minds over competitors. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, there’s no better time to show your customers some love, and here are some very good reasons why:
1. Run a promotion to receive repeat business
Running a Valentines themed promotion can be a great way to receive repeat business. Simple ‘love’ based discount codes, themed vouchers or seasonal products can give you a reason to re-connect with existing customers while offering them a strong incentive to make a purchase. After the fan fair of the Christmas holidays has died down and Easter not yet upon us it’s a great time to make the most of this popular holiday.
2. Show that you care with free gifts
Offering free gifts, either as handouts or in addition to certain purchases, can help show you care. Branded gifts not only serve as excellent marketing tools but are a great way to show your appreciation for existing and potential new customers. Free gifts always make people smile, and there is no better time to show that you care than on the day of love!
3. Send a card to build and maintain customer relationships
It is important to stay in touch with customers, and Valentine’s Day offers a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your database. An email or, for a bigger effect, a physical card is a lovely gesture and allows you keep in your customers’ minds without necessarily trying to push sales. This attention to detail can help build trust and a positive image of your business, which will build customer loyalty and give people a reason to talk about you to family and friends. Ensure the message on your card is clear with your logo and contact details visible.
If you are looking to reach out to your customers this Valentine’s Day, then it is time to get your marketing materials together. For leaflets, posters and flyers with high-quality printing then visit today. We offer a huge range of products, including fully personalised greetings card printing so that you can create your own designs with your own branding. Our high quality commercial printing, great prices and fast turnaround make us a perfect choice for your business.