The modern marketing sphere is all about creating crucial online presence it’s therefore easy to overlook the power of a strong offline marketing strategy. If this describes your small business, you need to stop and recalibrate. The UK is without a doubt hyper-connected, its estimated 40% of all online purchases are made as a direct result of being influenced by offline marketing materials and experiences, such as brochures, catalogues and leaflets as well as brand advocates and product placement. Even though the purchase is made online the primary influencer has been physical offline marketing materials. Marketing materials of this nature should not be overlooked by your business.

Let print do the heavy lifting

Print will always be the backbone of any offline marketing and advertising strategy and there are many reasons why it is still around today despite the take over of the digital world. Print works in your local and national markets, making a direct connection with your current client base and potential new customers. By putting your business top of mind with well-designed leaflets or smart high quality brochures. Using these type of printed marketing materials you can convey more about your business and the services you offer without competing against thousands of other online ads.

Make it Memorable

With the use of special finishes such as a glossy cover or thicker paper stock along with other custom options you can create memorable leaflets that will pique the interest of consumers and potential new client base. When used in the local market this will allow you to differentiate from the competition. Ensure the design is eye catching but stays in line with your current branding. Its imperative your contact details and logo are clear with call to action icons so as your customers visit your social media pages and website.

A contemporary twist on an old strategy

As markets continue to ever evolve, you must adjust the way you use traditional techniques such as direct mailing to reach a new audience. Whether its a calendar for the new year or a hints & tips poster or booklet, adding an extra element to your direct mail marketing strategy will increase the captive nature of your campaign. Even going as far as adding a branded stress ball or good quality personalised pen inside your direct mailer will automatically capture your audiences attention. Adding an indispensable element to your marketing campaign will increase your brand presence and lodge your company name in the minds of your customers, making you their first choice.

The trick is to use your offline presence to consolidate brand awareness and create a consistent, uniformed look and feel across your online and offline campaigns. It is imperative your branding and style is maintained across all media platforms you use, consistency is key. A suite of business stationery with high-quality printing will repeatedly expose your logo and branding, while you can use promotional products branded with your business colours and logo to drive home the offline marketing message and create thousands of impressions in a cost-effective way.

Showcase your brand

If you want to get your branding in front of your customers, then online may not be the way forward. As influential the internet and social media can be for your business its a highly competitive environment and may not reap the rewards or the return on investment that you are expecting. The majority of internet users are turning away from what they perceive as intrusive advertising and tracking, with 64% employing their ad blockers to stop offending ads. If you are using online ads then your advert may not be viewed by as many people as you think.

Print neatly sidesteps this conundrum, showcasing your brand with a high-quality offline experience, driven by print, that should reflect the integrity of your online experience. With the upcoming changes to GDPR it is essential your customers sign up to receive your marketing materials and ensure your able to maintain and market to your current client base print allows for this when not personalising the material. Print used in conjunction online and offline marketing campaigns can revolutionise your business.

Boost your offline presence and see the return on your online sales with leaflet printing and print marketing.

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