We love social media; it helps to spread our message, retain customers and encourages the all important customer engagement. Seeing your content go ‘viral’ is quite an amazing thing – reaching hundreds of thousands of people almost instantly still gives us goosebumps.
However, it seems that many companies these days are spending more time, money and resources on their social media campaigns, almost to the detriment of any ‘face-to-face’ contact.
Whilst social media is becoming an ever increasing part of daily business, we’d argue that personal contact is more relevant than ever, and surely you’d like to put a face to a name rather than an avatar?
Make yourself known
A roller banner stand is an ideal way of introducing your company, service and brand into many different environments, with a wide audience; informal gatherings, trade shows, building receptions and exhibitions to name a few.
Its size and weight allow for easy maneuverability and it’s the perfect accompaniment to your business cards and leaflets, giving you a visual point of contact and an easy introduction – no longer will you be asked “Are you …?”
Making yourself known to people can be difficult at times, especially if you’re relying on actually pressing some sort of folded leaflet in to their hands as they pass. A well designed roller banner stand will announce your service and company at eye level to all passing foot traffic, and it’s an ideal way of getting your message ‘out there’ as a simple way of introducing a brand.
Your design, your message
With an ability to create your roller banner design online, your company message has never been easier to promote professionally. Of course, you can upload files directly to our site or take advantage of our bespoke design service. Both options will give you excellent service and the all important value-for-money. If you’re unsure as to what option may suit you best, talk to one of our professionals. They will only ever give unbiased and professional advice – they won’t try and ‘upsell’ a service that you don’t need.
Want to know more?
Contact one of our friendly and professional team here at PrintUK.com to discuss your roller banners and folded leaflet printing needs and requirements, and they will advise you every step of the way. PrintUK.com