Postcards and leaflets are both fantastic formats for direct mail campaigns, which is why we sell both here at . They are instantly-recognisable, high-quality printed mediums that allow you deliver your brand’s message directly to prospective customers’ doors. However, these two forms of printed advertisement are very different and each one appeals to potential customers in a different way, so you may be wondering which one is right for your business’s direct mail campaign.
Postcard printing is a snappy, high-speed way of delivering your brand message. According to the website Business Know-How, one of the key advantages of postcards is that they “don’t waste people’s time”. Because postcards don’t need to be sent out in envelopes and because they are such a compact format, their message is clearly visible from the moment they’re pushed through a customer’s letterbox. This makes them impossible to ignore or misinterpret. What’s more, prospective customers are usually far more willing to read a form of advertising that won’t take up much of their time. If your business’s target demographic contains a lot of people with busy lives and hectic schedules (who don’t have time to read dense marketing materials), postcards are the ideal way to market to that demographic. However, there is a limit to the amount of information that can be put in a postcard, which can be a problem for some businesses. Luckily, if your business is one of them, you can turn to leaflets instead.
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Unlike postcards, leaflets can contain a great deal of information. They take longer for customers to read (and may need to be sent out in branded envelopes), but you can use them to deliver more in-depth information about your business and what you do. Leaflet printing is a great format for explaining your USPs and convincing customers that your business is worth their time. If you’re offering a slightly unusual product or service, or if you believe that your customers may require a lot of information before they commit to a purchase, leaflets are the best format for you.
You can find our range of postcards and leaflets at We offer high quality printing for both formats and regularly run special offers and discounts, so check out our range as soon as you’ve decided which option is the best fit for your business.