As the New Year draws ever closer, you need to start thinking about how to go the next step with your business marketing in 2016. So why not capitalise on the fact we’re leaving 2015 by making the most of printed calendars in the New Year? Here are three benefits that calendar printing and design could have for your business in 2016.
1. Beef up your brand
As a business in today’s marketplace, branding is key, and you should take any opportunity to beef up your brand awareness and improve upon your brand visibility and lasting impact. So why not take advantage of the branding opportunity that a printed calendar could afford you? By putting your logo, colours, and typography on another printed product, you’re strengthening your brand, and ensuring that it reaches potential customers in as many ways as possible. In addition, it adds consistency to your printed products, and ensures that everything from your letterheads to your printed stationery matches perfectly. Not to forget the added benefit that your customers will hang that perfectly designed and printed calendar in their office and business premises for an entire year, so it keeps your marketing efforts up all year round.
2. Keep your customers happy
2016 calendars are also a fantastic gift for your most cherished customers, and are a good way to reward new customers. By giving your clients and potential customers a free gift to welcome in the new year, you’re keeping your customers happy and encouraging new customers to join your business. Ensuring that your customers stay happy is essential to retaining their business and loyalty, especially at the start of the year, as many companies will review their business relationships and look to make changes. In addition, this also means that by offering a great, branded free gift, you can capitalise on all those potential clients that have parted with their previous business partner – it’s a win-win situation!
3. Get your name out there
By printing your brand on another product, and giving these away either for free or as part of a special promotion, you are spreading the word about your brand to more and more people, which gets your name out there in a new way. Even though the internet, and particularly social media, are integral to helping potential customers find you, there’s still something to be said for the benefits that high quality printing can offer you, and you shouldn’t overlook it.
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