In today’s marketplace, everything seems to be going online, from paperless banking to digital marketing. And now, many people are choosing to send e-cards instead of printed greetings / Christmas cards – but for a business, is this the right choice?
The way that you interact with your customers is really important to how your business is perceived and grows, and in such a competitive market, it can mean the difference between success and failure. So, with that in mind, here are three reasons e-cards might not be enough this festive Christmas season.
1. You won’t stand out
Everyone is sending e-cards – and if you do the same, it will mean you won’t stand out + it sort of looks like spam and it’s not particularly appreciated by the recipients as very little thought and effort has gone into them. As a business or brand, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, and sending printed greetings cards instead of e-cards is a good way to start. You want your clients and customers to remember your business, so try bucking the trend, get your skates on and start Christmas card printing now and wow your customers this year, letting them know that you’ve put in that extra time and thought with brilliantly creative and graphic designed Christmas cards that will certainly pay off in the future.
2. They don’t show a personal touch
You want to make your customers and clients feel special, and sending e-cards is just not enough. As they are so easy to produce, they don’t show a personal touch, and make it seem like you don’t have time for your customers and clients. In fact the likelihood is that they will have more of a negative impact than if nothing had been sent in the first place. So the best option would be to create professionally graphic designed Christmas cards which conform to your corporate branding and high quality printing to ensure that your business is the one that comes to mind first.
3. They are easily forgotten
Like with all things online, e-cards are easily forgotten. They sit in your inbox and get lost amongst your many emails, and often people read them once, if at all, and then either delete them or forget they’re there. This is something that doesn’t happen with printed greetings cards. As they sit on the desk of your clients or customers throughout the festive season, your card will be a constant reminder of you and your business. This ensures that you’re at the forefront of your customers’ minds in the new year, when many of them will be considering renewing or altering their business relationships.
For optimum results add that extra touch and send your Christmas Cards in printed envelopes with your corporate branding on which will highlight what a professional business you are.
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