When we think about printing for businesses, we often mean business cards, leaflet printing, or printed, branded stationery. However, this is a shame, as there are a wide range of different printed products that can be used to advertise your brand. So, to give you some fresh ideas about how to advertise your business and build your brand using unusual printed products, let’s take a look at three different things that invitation printing could do for your business.
1. Make your customers feel special
In order to be successful in the present competitive market, you need to create customer loyalty. With so many brands and businesses available easily online, how will you make sure that your customers keep coming back? Simple, you need to keep them happy and make them feel valued, and you can use printed invitations to do this. Why not send out a personalised invite to a new product launch, or your customer Christmas party, to your best customers? Not only does this encourage repeat business, it also improves the working relationship between customer and supplier as the informal meetings and networking events strengthen the partnership bond, which improves loyalty and trust between both parties. This more often that not leads to an increases of sales and strengthens your core customer base.
2. Create an exclusivity around your brand
In today’s marketplace, branding is everything. If you’re trying to make your business stand out and create a high-class atmosphere around it, then exclusivity is a great way to do this. Lots of brands do this in different ways, either by making customers queue outside your shops like Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch, or by having invite only social media pages. However, you can also do this using brilliantly designed, bespoke printed invitations, inviting some of your best or most loyal customers to special events and secret gatherings, where they get access to exclusive deals and discounts, or are told about new products and services. This creates an air of exclusivity around your brand, and links in with our first point, which is keeping your customers happy.
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3. Get the word out about your business
Now that social media is so prevalent, many people forget that printed media marketing is also a great way to spread the word about your business. Why not print a series of invitations as a marketing gimmick, and pin them up around your local area? It will make you stand out, get people talking, and spread the word about your brand.
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