Business brochures are a great way to advertise and sell your products and services. They can be handed out at events or trade shows, sent out as direct mail, or displayed in relevant locations. High quality business brochures allow you to give a great deal of insight to existing and potential customers in a clear and easy-to-read format. You can include more information than a standard poster or leaflet for maximum marketing effect. Here are four things your business brochure should include:
1. Your message and USP
Your message needs to stand out, and a brochure gives you plenty of space to get this across. Some companies may include a mission statement; what you do and why you do it. You can also display your unique selling point (USP) so people know what makes you special, which will help you to stand out against your competitors.
2. Photographs and images
Use high-quality photographs of your product/products. A brochure usually has several pages, and this allows you to showcase products to their full potential. People like to see before they buy and a picture is much easier for most people to digest than a bulky block of text. Make sure images show off the product in its best light and are clear and high resolution.
3. Useful information
Include useful product information: anything from special features to prices and specifications. Use short, easy-to-read sentences or bullet points to allow customers to take in and understand the information clearly.
4. Contact details
Your contact details are vital, as they enable your customers to ask questions or make a purchase. Include website URLs, telephone numbers, email addresses and a business address to allow maximum contact options. Your call to action should be strong and compelling to encourage people to get in touch.
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