In a world where businesses can succeed or fail on the strength of their marketing, graphic design is among the most important of considerations. Prospective clients’ first encounter with your brand could be through your business card, a critical ‘first impression’ where the graphic design and the print quality of the card communicates as much about your business as any words can.
Communicating that message through design can be a challenge, but luckily there are a plethora of business card templates that can perfectly encompass the right message for you within your specific industry.
As a general rule, while graphic design is incredibly important, high quality business card printing should be paramount. Finding the balance between cheap printing and high quality printing will make for an affordable, yet impressive, card.
The minimalist design
This type of card is contemporary, smart and shows that you’re ready to get down to business with no fuss. The minimalist design tells a client that you’re conscious, sleek and efficient. It has the added bonus of clarity for your business card that allows you to put your contact details first and foremost. Big bold letters and lots of open space are the name of the game with this design.
Bright and bold
Eye-catching and fun, this type of card is great for businesses associated with children, such as play centres. Awash with primary colours and big bold print typography, it’s perfect for conveying a sense of frivolity and fun, while drawing your eye to the important details. Big blocks of colour and illustrations really help to sell the image.
Intricate design
Great for graphic design companies wanting to demonstrate their creative abilities, cards with intricate and exciting designs act as miniature design portfolios showing off different types of designs a client might receive. Patterns are effective here, and while the detail may take the eye away from the contact information, that’s kind of the point – it shows you’re about the product first and foremost, and less about self-servicing.
Fortunately, all of these kinds of design are available as business card templates at, catering for the eclectic needs of a variety of businesses. For more articles with tips and tricks in printing, visit our blog at