Here at, we don’t just produce advertising materials such as printed leaflets and brochures, we also offer stationery printing. According to the Start Up Donut (a website which aims to provide new businesses with valuable guidance and tips), your letterheads, business cards and other pieces of branded stationery “say a lot about your business” : Checkout their article: How to design your own business stationery. So it’s essential that your business stationery looks both professional and aesthetically appealing which is achieved with professional graphic design and then topped off with high quality printing on a luxury paper stock. In order to achieve this optimal business branding we’ve decided to give you three easy-to-follow tips.
1. Keep it subtle
When you design your own business stationery, it can be tempting to go a bit overboard. After all, you want to emphasise the importance of your brand and draw attention to your business. However, overly-elaborate letterheads, compliment slips and business cards can look unprofessional and garish rather than attention grabbing. Instead, utilise a small, simple logo, a minimal amount of text and (if necessary) a straightforward, understated pattern. This will make your printed stationery look refined and give your business an air of professional confidence.
2. Choose a neutral colour scheme
Your letterheads and compliment slips should utilise very light, neutral colour schemes. This ensures that the information which is ultimately written on your stationery won’t be obscured or hard to read. It also helps to underscore the subtlety of your design and therefore makes your stationery look more sophisticated. You can get away with using darker, richer colours on business cards if you choose, simply because these aren’t meant to be written on. Even here, however, you should still opt for a simple colour scheme and avoid garish hues. Remember to keep to the same paper stock for all your printed business stationery items to ensure consistency throughout.
3. Include a slogan/strapline
While it’s important not to put too much information on your printed stationery, you should always include a short slogan. This helps to reinforce your business’s identity. It is a fantastic, straight-forward way to convey your brand’s personality.
Here at, we want to ensure that your designed and printed stationery is second-to-none. The three tips we’ve provided in this blog entry will help you design the best branded stationery possible. If you’re stuck for inspiration and would like to test a couple of different designs before printing checkout our letterhead templates, here you’ll find professionally created designs for you to easily edit with your business information and this will lead you onto the different types of stationery printing we offer.
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