At, we allow you to design and customise your printed media before placing your print order. Whether you need business card designs, leaflet printing, business stationery or posters, you can create your own graphic design easily using our online print design templates. But how can you ensure that your finished design reflects your brand?
Ensuring that the design of your printed material is aesthetically balanced and visually appealing is important, but making sure that it is true to your brand identity is equally vital. Your printed material should advertise your business and inform prospective customers about it, so it’s essential that its style is evocative of your business’s persona. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help you make sure that it is.
1. Pick a colour that reflects the tone or mood of your brand
Every brand has its own distinctive tone. If you run a financial advisory business, for example, your brand’s tone will be subdued and professional. In contrast, if your business sells youth-oriented entertainment products, your brand’s tone is likely to be upbeat and energetic.
As the site Creative Blog they have a fantastic article: 12 Colours and the Emotions they Evoke, explains, colours can evoke different tones and moods, so it’s worth your time choosing a colour scheme that matches your brand. If you wish to evoke a calming and professional tone, you may wish to use soothing blues alongside dark, rich colours which hint at respectability. If you want to create a more exuberant aesthetic, consider using brighter colours such as yellows and reds. Check out one of our previous articles on: The Power and Effect Of Colour!
2. Choose a brand-appropriate font
The font you use in your printed material can have a huge effect on how it is perceived. Some fonts are more staid and trustworthy, such as Times New Roman, while others are simple and approachable, such as Ariel and Calibri, and still others are playful and quirky, for example Invite SF or Mithal. Think carefully about the font that resonates best with the message you wish to send about your brand.
3. Deploy imagery with care
Photographs and images can have a major impact on the tone of your printed media. For example, images that show customers or employees smiling and looking happy while dressed casually create a more approachable, open aesthetic, whereas images that show people with a more serious demeanour create a more austere (but also more respectable) tone. If you’re stuck for inspiration and want high quality cheap graphic design have a look at our leaflet templates.
By choosing the right images, colours and fonts, you can ensure that the design of your printed materials will always reflect your brand identity. If you need help choosing appropriate graphic design for your company’s printed media, contact today on 0845 2993 923 to speak to our friendly team.