If your business is relatively small or new, you may only have a modest advertising and marketing budget. As such, you might be torn between different types of printing products. There are two types of advertising in particular that you may have difficulty choosing between: leaflets or poster printing.
Both can be used to recruit customers from a wide range of demographics, which makes them particularly useful for small, start-up businesses that need to attract a broad customer-base quickly. Other forms of printed advertising (such as exhibition banners and business cards) are also incredibly useful, but printed leaflets and posters tend to reach more people, particularly if your business has a limited budget and need cheap solutions. Leaflets can be sent to anyone, posters can be placed almost anywhere and both are highly cost-effective. But which should you prioritise? Which option is right for your business?
Posters are likely to be seen by the largest possible number of people simply because they are typically deployed in very public areas and tend to be larger than leaflets at A3 and A2 sizes. What’s more, you don’t usually have to worry about viewers ignoring posters. According to the small business website Chron.com, those who see posters are already “actively engaged in their surroundings” so the posters “stick in viewers’ minds” (The Advantages of Posters)
However, the amount of information that you can put on a printed poster is limited. After all, not many people are going to stand in a public space for a protracted length of time just to studiously read every detail of a particularly intricate poster. Ergo, if the services or goods your business offers are quite complex or require detailed explanation, posters may not be the best form of advertising. Yet if you have a more straight-forward business and only need to include a few pieces of information in your advertising, posters are perfect for you but the poster graphic design is crucial as it has to typically incorporate predominantly images and bright colours in order to capture the attention of passerby’s.
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Printed Leaflets can’t reach quite as many people as posters, because each leaflet tends to be sent or given to just one prospective customer. However, they can still reach enough people to be worth investing in, as they are easy and cheap to produce. What’s more, they allow you to discuss your business in greater depth than you can on a poster, which makes them the ideal form of advertising for complex business that need to explain their goods or services thoroughly. They also illicit conversation when handed to prospective customers which can quickly bridge the gap from potential to current customer.
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Summing up
If your business needs to communicate simple information as quickly as possible in order to attract the greatest possible number of customers, we at Print UK believe you should opt for poster printing . If, however, you need prospective customers to consider your business carefully so that they realise the benefits of your products, we suggest utilising printed leaflets. Contact us now to discuss your options.