Leaflets are the basics of many a marketing campaign, and are a low-cost and highly effective way of getting your product or service message across – but you only have seconds to make an impact, or the effort is wasted and the leaflet goes in the bin. Here are leading ways to try and make sure that doesn’t happen, so consider them the next time you’re drawing up a leaflet marketing campaign.
Before you even approach a design and printing company to have your leaflets made – check out PrintUK.com for one of the leaders in the field – create a detailed brief. That means working out who your audience is and how you’re going to address them – getting this right will be critical to your leaflet marketing success and getting you a high return on your spend.
Your USPs
The key is figuring out your company’s USPs – the unique selling points that set you apart from your rivals and attract interest from potential customers whether that is high quality, customer service or if you’re the cheapest.In addition, you need to goad your audience into doing something, such as calling or emailing, so make sure you put a strong call to action in your leaflet content.
Now for the design, and let’s start off with the size of your leaflets. Think about how they’re going to be distributed and what size is best for the job and whether you’re aiming for single-sheet i.e. A5 leaflets or folded leaflets. Don’t be afraid to ask your printing and design company for their opinion about what works best in different situations.
Picture perfect
If you’re planning to hand out the leaflets at an exhibition or other event with lots of people streaming past, A6 is among one of the most effective sizes to get the results you need because it’s relatively small (about the size of a postcard), so it’s easy to handle – and keep.
Now to the other essential element of your leaflet: the core message and how it’s displayed. You’ll need to be strong, dramatic, bold and succinct. Remember, you only have seconds to make an impact and if you crowd your leaflet with lots of text, you’ll just turn people off. Use short sentences and a typeface that is clear and big enough that it catches attention. People will see images on your leaflet first, even from far away, so use high-quality pictures that draw the eye in. Checkout this great link for design inspiration: (https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/leaflet-design/.) If you want cheap professional graphic design checkout our online leaflet design templates
Get it right, and you’ll have it made.