Particularly if your business operates from a set of premises that is open to the public, canvas prints can be a spectacular solution to the challenge of combining appealing wall art with a powerful marketing message aimed at your clients. Not only does a canvas print frequently look more professional than a poster, but creative graphic design can result in it having more artistic appeal than a straight-forward photograph. Take a look at three major advantages opting for canvas prints can bring to your business.
Durable marketing material
Unlike stickers, leaflets or business cards, which inevitably bend, fade or acquire an unappealing dog-eared look as time goes on, professionally printed canvas prints can last for several years whilst still remaining in pristine condition. They offer a great way of getting the look you want in a salon, shop or office, without needing large amounts of costly and time-consuming maintenance.
Subtle marketing message
Rather than offering a blatant call to action, canvas prints can be used to subtly convey the appealing imagery and positive emotions you want people to call to mind when they consider your business. Beautifully crafted prints of holiday happiness and sunny skies, for example, are a common feature in many successful travel agencies. Abstract prints of pipes, taps or water etc… make a great addition to the walls of a plumbers merchant. With a little talent and some imagination, it’s possible to create some wonderful pictures that customers remember for all the right reasons.
Personalised art
Inevitably, if you pick your prints from a shop, you’re not going to get the originality and customised touch that comes with having them individually designed and produced. Why not stand out from the rest with some unique, effective marketing prints? Checkout this link for some inspiration: Canvas Picture Inspiration
With so many benefits, it’s little wonder that customised canvas prints are a popular addition to the walls of thriving organisations across the country. If you feel that the right canvas art work will provide the perfect finishing touch for your premises, why not get in touch with Print UK to find out more about the exciting range of options that are available?