Printed marketing materials are increasingly becoming a popular way for businesses, especially start-ups, to reach their targeted clientele. Companies have realised that digital marketing alone is not effective in reaching out to a broad target audience. Besides, modern printing uses better materials, designs and technology, resulting in high-quality products. Below are five ways to effectively market your start-up through print.

1. Creativity with your business card

Invest in well-designed, high quality business cards to effectively market your start-up. To set your business apart from your competitors, choose a unique design for your business cards. The design should reflect your brand’s values and creativity. You should avoid cheap, template business card generators and instead choose a design that will spell out the uniqueness of your brand.

2. Utilise high-quality printed marketing material

By giving away printed marketing material such as brochures and flyers, your brand message will effectively get to your target market. Flyer printing is an effective way to make your brand visible in a particular area, or trying to market your business in a trade show. Rather than use the standard template, you can employ some creativity and innovation to come up with flyers and pamphlets that will draw the attention of your target market.

3. Make your billboards stand out

Your business can achieve so much with outdoor advertising, especially if you place your billboards in high traffic areas. For your billboards to stand out, you must go for innovative designs. On such billboards, ensure that your contact information and call to action are printed clearly.

4. Make your packaging unique

In today’s era of stiff competition, ensure the packaging of your products is well thought out. To help you spread the word, you can give your customers branded stickers for every purchase they make.

5. Celebrate special occasions with printed cards and gifts

To celebrate holidays, milestones, and special occasions, you can send out small gifts and cards to your customers. You can send them a well-designed personalized greeting or a small token to show them that they mean a lot to your business.

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