The goal of marketing a local business is to increase foot traffic, build brand awareness, and ultimately generate sales. Businesses need to learn and adopt multichannel marketing strategies to remain competitive in local markets. Mixing up your marketing approach is a great way to reach diverse audiences and cover a lot of ground.

Although there are specific marketing tactics that may greatly favour your business, here are three strategies ideally effective in boosting local businesses. 

1. Online presence 

If you haven’t already dipped your toes into the online space, it’s about time you did. A vast percentage of consumers rely on the internet to find local business and make purchases. A recent survey shows that 46% of all queries on Google are looking for local information. A majority of customers who find local businesses online end up buying or at least visiting the establishment.

You cannot afford to ignore the potential of online marketing. Get started on a locally optimised business website, and get listed with Google on your My Business Page. Also, create a strong presence on social media platforms where you will find and engage with potential customers.

2. Community involvement

Getting involved in the community helps establish and associate your business with local consumers. This will also earn trust and credibility in your brand. There are several different ways that a business could give back and create a lasting relationship with the community, some of which include:

• Sponsoring local events and talents
• Involvement in volunteer and charity activities
• Participation in cultural events
• Partnering with local groups and leaders
• Running community development initiatives

Anything that shows you’re invested in the community’s welfare goes a long way in establishing authority in a local market, even for a small business.

3. Local advertising

Make your mark in the local scene by investing in local advertisements. Promote your business through local TV, radio, and podcast channels. And don’t forget print advertising through the uses of posters, billboards, leaflets and flyers. Print advertising such as folder printing offers several advantages over other advertising media that you simply can’t ignore, especial in local marketing. After all, local advertising is inexpensive and reaches a targeted, relevant audience.

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