With almost every business of every size from startup to large corporate now focusing their marketing campaigns online, some business owners find themselves asking if the time of leaflet printing and direct mail marketing is over.
The short answer is no. A recent estimation by the Direct Marketing Association showed that leaflet distribution produces up to £12,000,000 worth of business for the UK every week, and that’s just for larger businesses.
With a figure that large, and a potential market that big, can your business really afford to ignore the traditional method of producing a shiny printed leaflet and doing a local door to door drop?
Leaflet printing, distribution and marketing is still popular among small businesses in localised areas as it is a simple, cheap, targeted and brings in new customers which boosts sales and business growth. Checkout this great article from The Marketing Donut: The advantages of leafleting
If you’re already sold on leaflet printing and marketing but you’re wondering how to start, here are a few tips:
Like any other form of marketing, if you’re going to invest in leaflet printing you’re going to need to be committed to it. This is a hugely effective marketing tool if you’re willing to invest time and money in it and develop a proper strategy. Think about local areas that you’d like to target which would positively grow your business, once you have narrowed these locations down think of how you can create a call to action for those potential customers i.e. A discount voucher or an invitation to an event etc… Remember you will likely be a local business to this target audience so use that to your advantage and promote buying locally. Checkout one of our previous articles to help you grow your business: The Power Of Print Marketing!
The numbers
If you want to hit a significant number of potential customers, you’re going to need to deal in big numbers and look professional. This is often where the services of a professional graphic designer and leaflet dropping company can pay dividends. Not only can they target a much larger geographical area than you can, but they’ll be organised as they do so, so you’ll know exactly where your information has gone. More often than not these companies can also supply you with reports of areas distributed to and tend to make helpful recommendations of where they would target next.
The design
Of course, design is important. You want to be eye catching and memorable, otherwise what’s the point? Here at PrintUK.com we provide high quality leaflet printing and professional graphic design tailor made to ensure you stand out from the competition. Whether you design your own leaflets using our state-of-the-art design system online or you use our in-house graphic designers, you’re sure of a leaflet which will be memorable and speaks highly and vocally of your business, selling your services and the quality work you do.
The next step
If you want to explore the difference that leaflet print marketing could make to your business, check out PrintUK.com , email us at hello@printuk.com or call us free on 0845 2993 923 for a bespoke print quote.