Trade shows can enhance your reputation as an authority, develop new relationships, and drive new customers and sales. They offer a personal touch from you to your target market, and they offer you access to a crowd of people that have at least a passing interest in the products and services you offer. Below are five tips to help you make your trade show booth a success.
Choose Your Location Wisely
Booths by the door get the most foot traffic, but are also usually the most expensive. Those that are situated near restaurants, ticket stalls, and the stage will also get a lot of traffic. Balance budget and location to get the prime spot for your booth.
Be bold with your booth design
A typical trade show will have several dozen booths at least, and every one will be vying for the attention of passers by. Use bold colours and a striking design to catch their attention and to ensure that you get your fair share of visitors. Consider creating posters and roller banners that share valuable information so that visitors can still learn about your company even if your booth is busy – after all, your booth should draw people in rather than push them away.
Choose your booth hosts carefully
Whoever works the booth, ensure that they are friendly, personable, approachable, and knowledgeable. Your attendants should smile at visitors, offer them printed marketing material, and answer any questions that they are asked. You can also ensure that they are wearing branded uniforms that match your flyer, business card, and leaflet printing.
Offer specials
Offer special deals, discounts, and coupons to those that visit your booth. You can post details of the special offers on your social media and website before the event, and ensure that readers know that what you are offering will only be available at the trade show.
Get your marketing materials in order
Consider promotional gifts, ensure that your attendants have business cards printed, and invest in high quality brochures and leaflet printing. Some guests might remember the name of your business without guidance, but some will have visited dozens of stalls – by providing them with effective marketing and informational materials, you will be able to give them a nudge to remember your business.
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