A good business card can really help with first impressions. Although often forgotten about by SMEs, business cards are essential and fulfil a number of key roles: they help with advertising, can improve brand recognition, present holders with a call to action, and also provide contact information immediately. As such, having an amazing business card can help you boost all of these individual factors, and leave a lasting impression even after your first meeting.
At PrintUK.com, we know the importance of high quality business card printing and have created this brief guide with a couple of tricks you can put to good use.
Ensure brand consistency
Business cards showcase your logo, contact information and other key information, so it is essential that these remain consistent throughout all of your marketing and advertising. If the logo presented by your business card is different from that on your website or the phone number shown is no longer active, you will immediately put off potential clients. Even when it comes to font and colour schemes, showing consistency shows your professionalism.
2. Consider different shapes
Most people choose the traditional rectangular business card, and while this is a long established design, this doesn’t mean that there are no other alternatives out there. If your business wants to differentiate itself, then why not try altering the shape of your card slightly? Rounded edges can give a sleek finish, while square business cards showcase creativity and flair. Choose a style that matches the image you want to portray!
3. Always spell check
It may seem like an obvious point, but in printing, we always come across people who have misspelt some crucial bit of information. Whether it’s the company name or missing digits in the phone number, mistakes on your business card will ruin that first impression, regardless of high-quality printing. If in doubt, get someone else to look over your design for you.
At PrintUK.com, we offer a wide range of business cards and design templates that will make your SME stand out – Check out our range of business card printing options with a huge variety of styles and finishes to suit your business . Our expert team are always on hand to offer advice and solve problems too, so if you need any help, you can contact us at hello@printuk.com