Every start-up must have an effective website, but there’s a good chance your new business also needs printed materials. While there are many places to research website design, finding advice on leaflets and other types of print marketing is harder.

We’ve put together 10 things you need to know about print. So you don’t waste your precious start-up cash, and you get the materials you need to get off on the right foot.

Think about your audiences

Who are you aiming your new business at? What sort of printed materials would be appreciated and responded to?

Think about your brand

This is not the same as your logo. It’s what you want to say as a company, what sets you apart from competitors and shows the benefits of what you sell.

Stick to a brand identity

Choose colours, wording and fonts to reflect the best view of your brand. You need to be consistent, keeping the same messaging and appearance across digital marketing and printed materials such as business cards.

Be practical and frugal!

Some new businesses and target audiences need a full colour, glossy brochure or catalogue. However, you may be able to say what you need to say with an affordable, compact leaflet, saving money!

Be creative

To gain a competitive edge, find a printer who offers graphic design, to produce eye-catching, untraditional or even quirky items.

Use white space!

Don’t be tempted to cram your leaflets, brochures, guides and directories with as much content as possible. Spacing out images and text adds emphasis and makes it more likely your materials will get the right response.

Call to action

Just like your website, you need to build in strong ‘calls to action’ in literature. Such as a reminder to buy, subscribe or visit you. Keep contact details clear too.

Create a response system

If possible, create a measurement system. For example, ask customers ‘where did you hear about us’ or build in a response code on a coupon or leaflet. This helps you see what’s working. Leaflet printing is a diverse tool for all businesses!

High quality print builds reputation

Looking for cheap printing must go hand in hand with getting a flawless and professional result. Building your reputation as a new business starts with your passive marketing (like stationery) as well as your active marketing.

Choose the right printing company

At PrintUK.com we have thousands of happy customers, contact us today to see examples of our work and what we can do for your small business.

Good luck!