Here at, we can produce impeccably high quality printed leaflets and flyers for your business’s direct mail advertising campaign. However, it’s important that you are satisfied with the content of your direct mail materials before you hand over your designs to us to print. To help ensure you are completely happy with the final product, we suggest you do the following three things:
1. Experiment with different colour schemes
Flyer and Leaflet printing are incredibly visual forms of advertising. It’s therefore important to make sure that yours have the best-looking colour scheme you can give them. Don’t settle for the first colour scheme you come up with: experiment with different ones to find one that really works well with the design of your printed media. You may still decide to use your initial colour scheme, but there’s a good chance you’ll find one you prefer. It’s also important to note that choosing the right colour scheme is vital because customers respond well to colour schemes they deem “appropriate” for your business, according to the blog Verticalresponse: The Psychology of Color & Marketing – What Actually Works? It’s important to choose colours that reflect the emotions and moods that are appropriate to your brand.
2. Consider alternative layouts
The layout of your leaflets or flyers is just as important as the colour scheme. We recommend that you come up with several alternative layouts before committing to one: it’s easy to use software to move and replace different components of your design, so feel free to get creative.
3. Have your textual content proofread
High quality printing can impress readers, but only brilliant, error-free content can persuade them to purchase your products and services. According to the business advice website Chron, proofreading is vital because “one little blemish detracts from the entire piece”. While you can proofread your own work, we suggest that you have a professional proof-reader look over the written content of your leaflet or flyer in order to make corrections and suggest improvements. You might be surprised at how much value simple proof-reading can add to your content.
When your happy that you’re ready to send your artwork to print please supply your files as PDF’s. See the checklist below.
PDF’s Please
Format PDF
Bleed – 3mm
Safe Zone – 3mm
Resolution – 300dpi
Font – Embedded/Curves
No Printer Marks/Colour Bars
At Print UK, we want to deliver the best printed media possible. That’s why we offer such a huge range of leaflet and flyer options. You can click on the links to find out more about our flyer printing and leaflet printing products and services. However, you can also help give your printed media the best chance of wowing consumers by following the tips we’ve provided in this blog entry. To find out more about producing high-quality flyers and leaflets, contact us today!