Now that the whole world has gone digital, old-fashioned printed direct mail can become one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. In marketing, going against the grain can be the smartest move you can make as the customer is constantly filtering out white noise and the best way to reach them is to simply do what they don’t expect.
You can go further, though, and truly boost engagement with your leaflets and letters, you can even monitor their impact if you’re smart about it.
How to make a big impact
First, make sure your envelope stands out with stunning graphic design. Really think about your product and new ways to represent it, considering your business branding at all times. If your budget is tight think about using print design templates, which can save money whilst look professional. Think about how you can adapt your printing specification to create the most impactful direct mail i.e. Foiling or Spot UV Flyer Printing to enhance your graphic design. Remember to always include your social media handles or icons in your design so that the potential customers know of other ways to get in contact with your business.
Studies have shown that direct mail conversion rate significantly increases when the print media is personalised so create printed envelopes that has the name and address of the person on that you’re targeting. The cost of your marketing campaign might rise as a result of personalisation and postage but your conversion rate will outstrip this increased incurred cost. Add that extra boost by including something in the envelope. It makes the letter into ‘lumpy mail’ and it’s so much more intriguing. It can be a pen, vouchers and folded leaflets or it can be a promotional gift, and it can be cheap. As long as it is not an epic disappointment, it really doesn’t matter as it gets the targeted customer to open the envelope and see your offer and business message. Five Direct Mail Marketing Tips For 2016
It goes without saying you should make your offer compelling. You’ve spent money on this print marketing campaign, go for gold and make it stand out with something worth saying that includes a call to action i.e. 25% discount voucher when used online or a printed invitation to an exclusive sales event.
Then, there is the knockout punch: a simple QR code. Get them to scan this with their phone and make your presentation come alive. Crossing the media channels from print to digital, it can be as simple as a personal message from the boss in a video, as complicated as a 360-degree tour of a new facility or merely redirect the user to your social media platforms to increase your number of followers.
If you’re stuck for inspiration, look here at the Inspiration Room for direct marketing ideas.
Get your direct mail working for you
It’s really your choice what you do with it, but the point is to cross/integrate your marketing channels, get to people with the traditional letter and invitation printing and then draw them into your online world. There they can actually make the decision to buy, which means you can turn a cold lead into a paying customer for the price of an envelope and a free gift.
If the item is big ticket, that’s some of the cheapest, smartest marketing you can get. So get in touch with and let us help you get to work on your next print marketing campaign that will grow your business.