There’s no denying that the internet has totally changed everyone’s lives, and never more so than in 2020. But there are still huge opportunities out there for marketers who mix print into their strategies. Here’s why you still need beautifully printed brochures, flyers, stationery, business cards and more!

1. It’ll make your business stand out

The internet is a busy place when it comes to advertising. Thousands of competitors are potentially chasing the same small pot of customers… and those customers have a very short attention span. One blink and they’ve missed your carefully crafted online campaign.

Take your marketing offline, however, and your printed product will physically end up in the hands of potential customers. They can read it at their leisure, and it doesn’t disappear at the click of a mouse! Take brochure printing for example, the longevity of the brochure will far out last any information on an email or quick advert flashing on the internet.

2. It’s easier to target the right customers

Whether you’re using direct mail or handing out brochures and flyers at a trade show, with printed marketing materials, you can be far more sure that you are going to get your message across to the right person.

3. Offline lead generation has a higher conversion rate

Reports suggest that actually meeting client prospects will get your conversion rate up to around 40%. A key part of the success of this method is the variety of high-quality print marketing material you’ll have at your disposal.

4. You can get really creative in print

Marketing on the internet limits you; physical, printed market material empowers you. So get creative with your designs, your format and your whole approach.

5. You can still use print marketing to point customers online

With so much business being done online, it’s likely that you will want to point your customers to a website or other online eCommerce portal. And there’s ample opportunity to do this with print materials. With QR codes, bespoke URLs and exclusive discount codes, there are loads of ways to point your physical leads to your online portal.

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