It may seem crazy when the printing press was invented 600 years ago, but for many small companies, printed media is a new thing that they’re not too sure about. The last few years have been all about social media and an online presence, or so received wisdom would have us believe. However, it’s a noisy, crowded world out there, and shouting louder on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms is not always the answer. So businesses of all sizes small and large are rediscovering the old art of print marketing, here are a few basic questions and answers to get you started.
What should I have printed?
Well, that depends who you are and what business you do. But something portable that displays you to the best of your ability is a good start, be that a printed business card, a postcard or flyer and leaflet printing. Research is showing that having something tangible means your brand stays with a customer longer, that digital interaction is brief and fleeting but a physical object will be discovered time and again. A perfect example of this is the booklet that’s delivered through the door containing information of local services, we tend to keep it in the top drawer of the kitchen for those just in case times that you’re looking for a plumber, painter etc… locally.
What should be on it?
The flippant answer is as little as possible. As with websites, and most types of graphic design, less is definitely more – if you think your print design looks cluttered then it is. It’s tempting to try to cram everything on, but a couple of thoughtfully chosen images displayed well with professional creative graphic design input is much more effective than a lot of smaller, unclear pictures. For instance business cards, make it clear who you are – remember this is your calling card, not an autobiography (see our blog on designing a great business card here: 5 Top Tips For Designing A Great Business Card.
Should I stay away from text? People don’t read these days.
People do read! Perhaps not long essays so keep your copy brief but good quality – form over function still applies to print media. Try out a few fonts, because fonts definitely do matter: you want something legible but that reflects the character or your company. You have more freedom with print media than you do with digital communications, where you are quite limited with your font choices. Here you can be spoilt for choice but don’t just pick your favourite, it has to work in context. Get yourself a shortlist and see how they work together. Try inverting text too – draw attention using white text on a black background; it’s a bold move but certainly eye catching.
How do I get my print to my client?
Direct mail is one of the most effective sales converting advertising strategies, so if you deliver your print media into the right hands with eye catching graphic design and a call to action then you’re likely to be onto a winner. Boost your business growth and campaign by integrating other marketing channels into your print and direct mail i.e. targeted e mailers and social media distribution, all carrying the same information and branding and they will collectively compound your marketing message, leading to increased business growth.
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