Advances in camera and computer technology mean that it’s easier than ever to print your own digital photographs, and there’s little more satisfying than seeing your favourite image displayed proudly on the wall of your home or office. While there are a variety of options for printing photographs, canvas prints offer many advantages that can give your work a thoroughly professional appearance and are sure to impress your guests or colleagues.

A timeless design

Unlike framed pictures, which can look dated if the style of frame falls out of fashion, a canvas print is timelessly contemporary, meaning that you won’t need to replace it the minute that you change the interior design of your home. Canvas prints blend in perfectly with any décor and, because of their versatility, you can plan their position to complement the colours of your home or even to sharply contrast with them. Canvas printing is a great way to be creative.

No glare

Photographs that are printed with a glossy finish, or are framed behind glass, can be difficult to see, particularly in rooms where there is plenty of natural light pouring in through windows that reflects off the image, dulling the colours and making the photograph hard to see. Canvas prints don’t require a glass frame and, because they are printed with a matte finish, the image won’t be adversely affected by reflections.

A choice of sizes

Canvas prints can be provided in a variety of sizes, so it’s simple to find the product that will fit perfectly onto the wall of your choice at home or work. Whether you require a small canvas to fit snugly onto a narrow wall or a larger print to break up a wide space, there are numerous options available. Remember, if you wish to print your photograph on a larger canvas, the original image will need to be taken at a high resolution to avoid distortion when it is enlarged for the chosen size.

More affordable than a professional!

To purchase a professional artist’s work to make a statement on the wall of your home or office will obviously set you back a considerable amount of money. However, printing your own images onto canvas – making you the artist – is comparatively inexpensive and, of course, thoroughly rewarding!

Canvas prints make impressive additions to your home or office and are a great conversation opener if you actually took the photograph yourself! So, it’s time to browse your favourite photographs from last summer and get in touch with to treat yourself to the perfect canvas.