One of the most difficult aspects to any start-up business is getting your name out there. While there are many ways to potentially finance your ideas, start-ups need to be able to ensure that they can promote their brand, products, and services whilst also sticking to a budget. As such, banner ads and Google reviews may be ineffective, especially if you are looking to initially capture a more local market.
Despite the challenges faced, there are a number of ways that small start-ups can easily promote themselves without breaking the bank, allowing you to get a core customer basis on which to grow your business. Our experts at suggest some of the most effective methods below.
1. The Power of Leaflets
A great way of getting people to know about your brand and company is through leaflet printing and leafleting. This is an ideal method to get your name out there to a wide audience at a low cost. Whether you decide to hand out high quality printed leaflets in the street or post them through letterboxes, leaflets can contain all the USPs of your firm and disseminate this information to a whole range of people quickly.
2. Social Media Is Your Friend
Setting up accounts for your business on all social media platforms allows them to be seen by everyone. Think of the sheer number of people that access social media every day; by being connected to them, you can shout about your business and get yourself heard. Equally, social media not only allows you to connect with potential customers, but it allows these potential customers to connect to you, meaning people can easily contact you and find out more information.
3. You Simply Cannot Forget Business Cards
Handing out business cards at networking and promotional events is a great way of ensuring that clients have all of your contact details to hand. High quality printed business cards are essential to promote your business in a professional light. Here at we believe that high quality printed business cards are amongst the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal and are an essential for any small business.
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