Print advertising is far from a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why finding the perfect marketing solution for your business is vital if you’re hoping to drive real conversions. Here we take a look at the differences between folded leaflet printing and standard leaflet printing to help you determine which is best for your marketing requirements.
Folded leaflets
It’s widely suggested that one-page leaflets or flyers don’t last nearly as long as a high quality folded leaflet design – whether that’s on a coffee table in a cafe or on a notice board in the local newsagents. This is because high quality folded leaflet printing have a superior, brochure-like feel when they’re designed and printed correctly.
What are they used for?
Folded leaflets are great if you’re looking to provide a lot of information to prospective clients in one go, and they can be taken away and read by the customer in their own time. However, folded leaflets aren’t ideal for short, one-off promotions. Instead, folded leaflets are perfect for:
– Promoting tourist attractions
– Introducing a new business
– Informing customers about business changes (a new address, new staff hires etc.)
– Making announcements e.g. real estate agents can use them to advertise properties that are new to the market
– Hotel and spa offers
– On-going store promotions
Folded leaflets are also more suited to contexts where people can be given the leaflet in person, in order to encourage them to keep hold of it for longer.
Standard Leaflets
Standard leaflets, on the other hand, are much more suited to announcing short-term offers or one-off promotions. Although they’re usually read once and thrown away, if they’re bright and colourful, they’re great alternatives to folded leaflets in certain contexts, such as:
– Open day announcements
– Takeaway restaurant menus
– Last minute special offer promotions
– Event and festival promotions
– Trade shows and recruitment day information
Standard leaflets are also ideal for magazine and newspaper inserts, and make a strong impact the moment they are seen.
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