While many forms of traditional media are not as popular as they once were thanks to online advertising and digital content creation, one ‘old school’ advertising method that continues to be just as effective as it has always been is the use of promotional products. If you are looking for a different way to market your business offline, then promotional products might be an option worth considering. Some of the main benefits of using promotional products to market your business include:

Get More from Your Marketing Budget

In the past, brands had high prices to pay if they wanted to advertise in the most coveted positions on television, in newspapers and on the radio. These days, brands are paying a lot of money to make sure that their brands are coming up on top in response to keyword searches, or to have their products promoted by the most relevant social media influencers. On the other hand, promotional products are relatively cost-effective as they are priced in a way that reflects the cost of their creation rather than the value of being with the right people or in the right place. Custom branded promotional products from Screentec can be relatively inexpensive to produce and may help you get great results from your brand. Screentec offers a variety of printed promotional products with your brand.

Improve Customer Engagement

Getting the right promotional products in front of the right people is all that you need to start conversations and begin the process of customer engagement. Promotional products do not have to be hugely special – something as simple as a pen or fridge magnet might be all that is needed to encourage people to take a further look at your online presence, read your content and check out the goods or services that you offer. When you make sure that the two are working well together, you are in with a better chance of converting whoever is receiving your promotional products into online followers and customers.

Make an Impression at Events

Hiring a stall at a business event or trade show can be a successful way to use promotional products depending on your industry. Whether you are giving away branded items or leaflets, handing out products that are customised with your brand to passers-by can be a great opportunity to get more people talking about your business and improve brand awareness. Whether you are handing out stickers, pens, key-rings, or other promotional products, you can be sure that whoever receives them will likely use the item, or at least take it out of their bag in the future and will think about your brand and the interaction that they had. Putting your website address or other contact information on promotional products can help you get better future engagement from attending business events and trade shows, no matter what kind of business you run.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Every business wants to obtain new customers, but it’s important that you don’t forget about the customers you already have who have been shopping with your brand from the beginning or often come back to support your business more. Promotional products can be an ideal way to say thank you to your existing customers and encourage them to be more loyal to your brand. Anything can be a promotional product, so it’s a good idea to choose products to customise wisely if you are going to be sending them to your existing customers to ensure that it is something that is going to be of use to them and they are going to enjoy receiving. For example, food like cupcakes or sweets in branded packaging, or even a thank you card or birthday card with your brand on it can go a long way in letting your existing customers know that they are appreciated.

Promote Your Brand Further

Even though people are spending more and more time online these days, we do all still live in the real world rather than online, so it makes sense for brands to increase their efforts to become more visible to customers in both. Along with focusing on your online marketing efforts, you can use promotional products to offer something to customers that is useful to them or improves their life in some way. For example, a pen or a keyring is a small token but they are both things that most people need to use regularly, so why not make sure that there’s some out there with your brand on it? When people have something in their life that is helping them with everyday tasks such as keeping their keys together or jotting down notes, and it’s from your brand, then it can help them improve their opinion of your business overall.

While promotional products might not get as much attention these days due to the rise in digital marketing, they are a traditional marketing method that can still be very effective when done well. For high quality printed promotional products visit PrintUK.com