If your marketing needs something fresh and exciting to catch your customers’ attention, folded leaflet printing could be just the thing. Regular, flat flyers and leaflets are all well and good, but there’s something about a folded leaflet that invites the person to open it up and see what’s inside – that’s your opportunity to shine!

Here are three ways that folded leaflet printing could help your business stand out:

Make a menu!

Cafés and restaurants very often use folded leaflets to produce standing menus for tables as well as takeaway menus to post through people’s doors – they’re irresistible to look through, right?

And whatever your business does, you can create a menu of your own.

You could list your services and/or products in the style of a menu, complete with descriptions and prices. Let your customers know what’s on offer and be sure to include any “specials” too.

Tell a story

Folded leaflet printing is often used to create stylish orders of service for weddings. That might not be much help for your business, but, if you’re attending an in-person event or hosting an occasion of your own, using an order of service style template can help let people know what’s going on.

You can include a timetable, a list of who’s who, who will be where and so on. Plus of course, there will be plenty of space to include product photos, details of special offers and so on too.

This can be a great way of advertising your event ahead of time, as well as a useful guide to hand to people attending on the day.

Introduce your team

Are there a few different people working within your small business? Use our online design templates to create a folded leaflet design with photos and bios for each member of your team. You can let your customers get to know who’s packing their orders, who’s answering their emails, or whatever else is appropriate to your business.

It’s a personal touch that will help your customers feel connected to your brand. And, with some clever design choices, you can include all your contact details, special offers and a few great product shots too. For professional leaflet printing visit PrintUK.com