Advertising is changing fast, and in the modern age it can feel like everything takes place online.
With this in mind, printed leaflets can seem like boring and old-fashioned methods of communication to some people. But that’s simply not true. In this blog post, we will bust some myths about leaflet printing and give you the facts about how they can help your small business grow and succeed.
Myth: Nobody reads leaflets
Fact: The Direct Marketing Association found that up to 79% of printed leaflet recipients read the item, whether that was glancing over the contents, keeping it for later or even giving it to a friend.
The same organisation found that almost half of consumers acted on the design and printed leaflet’s message, either by going along to the establishment being advertised, buying a product or requesting more information.
Response rates like these show that the power of leafleting for small businesses is certainly not dead!
Myth: Leaflets are expensive
Fact: On the contrary, leaflet printing is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods around because the units are small and it is very simple to produce leaflets in bulk once they are graphic designed.
Although marketing budgets can sometimes be a little tight for small businesses, many commercial printers are committed to helping you stretch your budget as far as it will go and provide you with as much value for money as possible. Take a look at the range of leaflet printing options on and get in touch if you need any more information.
Myth: Leafleting isn’t as targeted as online ads
Fact: While the likes of search engines and social media sites use data to target consumers with adverts, it’s important to remember that the online world is only part of the story – many older people, for example, are not regular internet users.
In fact, sometimes datasets which are acquired offline – like postcode areas – can provide an advertiser with more targeted information about household income, wealth, lifestyle and more.
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