As summer is getting into full swing, it’s time to think about how outdoor advertising can boost your business. Whatever industry you’re in, well-chosen, well-placed and beautifully printed outdoor ads can have a huge impact on footfall and visibility.

What’s the biggest advantage of outdoor advertising?

While it can feel like our whole lives are lived online, the biggest advantage of outdoor advertising is that it’s local. As the guys at entrepreneur handbook put it: “By opting for outdoor advertising, your brand is unavoidable. It’s next to the Tesco as potential customers shop, it’s on the bus stop on their way back from work, and it’s on the billboard visible from their office window. It’s real, it’s there, and it firmly establishes you in the area. Better yet, outdoor advertising is within reach of even the smallest businesses.”

What sort of outdoor advertising can I use?

There’s a host of options for outdoor ads. You can choose traditional things like banners, or more industry-specific options like café barriers which are great ways to cement your identity in an ever more crowded streetscape. For something truly eye-catching, how about these fabulous deckchairs? They’re a great way to get your brand noticed and our giant deckchairs are particularly insta-worthy so you’ll get extra exposure on the socials too. Personalised deck chairs are not only practical but also a great way to grab your audiences attention.

What sort of design should I choose?

Outdoor ads need to be instantly recognisable. Make sure you choose a print company that will replicate your company colours, and be sure to make the most of that carefully crafted brand identity. You want your customers to make an instant connection between that funky new banner and your fabulous business. Be clear, consistent and concise and apply all the principles of successful marketing such as pinpointing your demographic, harnessing your target market and giving a comprehensive round-up of your offering.

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