Digital marketing has been pretty big in the business world for a while now and social media marketing is a key part of this. As the number of people using platforms like Twitter and Facebook has soared, so too has the number of businesses on there connecting with consumers. If you market on social media, one crucial thing to know is that using top-quality print marketing supplies can help you achieve better results.

But how is this?

Makes people aware of your social media profiles

Social media is a superb tool for marketing but every business is doing it now. This means that there is lots of competition for consumer attention and lots of social media accounts to be heard over. If you think that Instagram has over 1 billion active users, you get the picture! Print marketing supplies (like flyers) can be printed with your social media details on prominent display. This, in turn, gives your social media marketing a huge push and helps make more people aware you exist.

Makes it easy for people to find you

Print marketing supplies can also make it much easier for people to remember your social media account details, once they know about your presence online. This may sound a small thing but lots of people will just not be able to remember these details from an email they might have deleted or seeing them on TV weeks ago. Print marketing material gives them something tangible to keep and refer to when they suddenly decide to check out your social media activity, for example high quality brochure printing. This, in turn, brings more people to your accounts and avoids losing people who simply couldn’t remember how to find you.

Gives your social media profiles extra trust

Digital marketing is great and certainly has its place, but it should be used in conjunction with print marketing for the best impact. A good example of this is how showing your social media details on print marketing supplies can build extra trust with consumers. As people still generally seem to have more trust in print marketing materials, including your social media details on them gives your profiles an extra sheen of respectability.

High-quality printing from

As the above shows, print marketing supplies can be the ideal way to help any business maximise its social media efforts. Of course, it is key to get the best quality and best value print materials ordered first. Here at, we have everything from business cards to brochures, flyers and more to order online today.