Leaflet printing and distribution is one of the most popular forms of marketing for small and large businesses alike, with direct mail, newspaper inserts and letterbox drops typical examples of how companies aim to reach their target audience. Critics would argue that a leaflet being delivered to a consumer’s home amounts to little more than junk mail, but research demonstrates that in fact people are more likely to respond to a flyer than some other forms of marketing.
The facts supporting the effectiveness of leafleting are compelling:
Homeowners don’t throw leaflets away
Contrary to popular belief, many homeowners do not dispose of leaflets on receipt. In one survey, nearly 80% of respondents confirmed they kept flyers or passed them to friends. Most retained the leaflets for at least a few days, with some keeping them for over a week, by which time they may have decided whether to take advantage of the service being offered.
What is clear, however, is that leaflet distribution must be targeted in order to gain a positive response. There’s little point, for example, in a business that offers private tuition for primary school pupils spending capital on distributing leaflets to an estate that is dominated by bungalows where the local population is likely to consist of elderly residents. Demographics of each area must be considered if the marketing is to reach the business’ target audience.
Printed flyers are memorable
Because leaflets are a physical form of marketing, they are more memorable than other types of media. A well-designed flyer (Leaflets: holding your reader’s attention and avoiding the bin) will grab the reader’s attention instantly and a well-written strapline (How to write an effective slogan for your business) can convey a powerful message in just a few words. Colours, carefully chosen to reflect the nature of the product or to appeal to the target audience, can be both attractive and manipulative.
Furthermore, many householders retain leaflets that they think may be of value in the future and display them prominently, such as on a noticeboard in the kitchen. In this way direct leafleting is a powerful marketing tool that other forms of advertising are not, in that it can stimulate long-term interest in your business rather than seeking an instant, reactive response from a consumer. So don’t be surprised if you’re approached by a customer many weeks or months after they first saw your flyer.
Familiarity = favouritism
A point proven by psychologists, repeated marketing helps to embed your business’ brand in the consumer’s mind, meaning it is more likely they will regard your company favourably as well as selecting you above your competitors when they have need to make use of your services. Also, they are more likely to recommend you to friends and family, even if they have no direct experience of purchasing from you.
Give your business the marketing boost it deserves!
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