It is vital because it means you speak only to the people most interested in what you do or what you sell. This not only helps with lead generation but also avoids wasting resources marketing to people who are just not interested. But what are the best tips to identify your target audience?

Think about what problem you solve

In the most basic terms, people spend money with small businesses to fix a problem or fill a need they have. Therefore, it’s key to pinpoint what problem you solve or what need you should fill first. Doing this will then make it much easier to define which section of consumers will be more interested in hearing from you.

Draw up a profile of your target customer

Another great hack for reaching the right customers is drawing up a generic profile of them. While you might know what problem you solve, you still need to think next about what kind of person might spend money with you. A good tip is to start by listing the various types of people who might suffer from the problem you fix. After this, you can then build your target customer profile and use it when constructing your marketing campaigns. Doing this will make it easier to target the right people in the right way via the right channels.

Research existing customers

Once your small business starts to attract customers, analysing data around them can be very useful. Many small businesses now will use a digital tool like Google Analytics to help. Of course, you can just sit and think about the sort of people who come into your shop or spend money with you. Try to find things in common that your existing customers have or why they might choose your business. You will often find some very interesting themes which you can then use in future marketing campaigns.

Reach the right customers with

Of course, targeting the right people is only half the battle – you need to find a way to engage them afterwards. Print marketing is still an effective method for all types of business. From flyers to leaflets, printed envelopes, booklets and more, print marketing can really help. Browse our site today to order the best print marketing materials around or contact us at for more details.