It’s a well-known fact that postcards are an incredibly versatile piece of print. If you’re a small business or graphic designer who likes to print products to sell online, you’re going to love these printed postcard hacks. Add them to your online marketplace store or to the list of services you offer clients. They’re a quick and easy way to diversify your portfolio and reach customers who didn’t even know they needed you!
Mini portfolio prints
If you frequently attend events or exhibitions, postcard printing is just what you need to showcase your work and gain more awareness. Print one side of your postcard with a favourite graphic design piece from your portfolio and use the reverse to list your contact details. You can leave them on your stall, at your till or hand them out to give people a flavour of your work. They’ll be able to take it away with them and use it to get in touch at a later date, meaning you and your work have much more sticking power.
Recipe cards
Thanks to televised baking competitions, cookery has never been so popular. Cash in on this craze by printing and designing postcards and use them as recipe cards. Print the front of your postcards with a vibrant pattern and leave spaces on the back for people to scribble down ingredients and a method. Print these on uncoated card so they’re easy to write on, and sell them in handy packs of 10 or 20 to really get the most out of this hack.
Note cards
It’s official—people are turning back to good old-fashioned pen and paper when they want to send a greeting or reach out to customers and clients. This doesn’t mean print is dead, though – far from it! As well as letterheads and compliment slip printing, you can use printed postcards to create tactile, thick note cards for people to write and send. Merchandise them in sets with complementary envelopes to maximise appeal. Use online postcard templates to create professional agency quality graphic design and ensure that your printed postcards stand out from the crowd.
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These are just a few of the ways you can use high quality printing to bump up your business sales, increase awareness and be creative. The sky’s the limit, so start shopping today and see what you can make at