Although many companies sell their products online, the power of a printed brochure in your customers’ hands should not be ignored. Here’s why people are still reading print brochures in a predominantly digital world.
1. Reading a brochure engages all of your senses
You can touch a physical printed brochure, pick it up, and hear the satisfying turn of every page. Your customers can physically interact with it by circling items they like, writing notes about their preferred products, and turning the corners of notable pages. Also, there’s nothing quite like opening a parcel containing the latest, glossy new brochure from your favourite company, and savouring the smell of fresh ink. Reading a printed brochure is a sensory experience, not quite the same as clicking ‘add to basket’. On a website that looks like everyone else’s, remember you can stand out with brochure printing as the graphic design and print quality can reflect your own products and services.
2. No one is online all the time
Even though everyone always seems to have their phones pressed to their noses, whether in the break room at work, on the bus, or walking down the street, people just can’t be online every hour of every day. Phones run out of charge, or there may be no internet access in a particular area. For times like these, your company brochure will be ready and waiting in your customer’s bag or briefcase to act as your silent salesman. Check out this great article from Entrepreneur – ship: 5 Reasons Why Brochures Still Matter In Marketing
3. Some people just prefer a hard copy
You can advertise online as much as you want, but if your customers have been looking at a computer screen all day, they won’t want to spend their spare time doing it as well; flicking through a beautifully designed and creative printed brochure with a cup of tea is a great way to unwind after work. Also, some people aren’t very technologically savvy, or choose to have as little to do with computers or phones as possible. For them, reading a physical copy is the norm, so you don’t want to lose custom because a competitor offers a company printed brochure for them to read, and you don’t.
A beautifully printed brochure with an eye-catching design has the power to stand out in an increasingly digital world. Have a look at one of our previous articles to help you along your way to creating the perfect brochure: Top Tips For Designing A Great Printed Brochure For Your Business!
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