In a world where we are continuously surrounded by screens, it can be easier to stand out and gain attention with print marketing. To ensure your marketing campaign is as successful as possible, it is important to select printed marketing materials that are suited to your target market and audience. The following information aims to help you consider three different methods of print marketing and which specific print forms are suited to these.

1. Interactive distribution

There are many techniques that can be used alongside distribution in order to increase the chance of your audience taking a leaflet and reading what is handed to them. If it’s a product that you are promoting, samples and freebies are a reliable way to enhance and reiterate the positive information within flyers and business cards. Alternatively, if your goals are more to do with the sharing of information, it can be highly beneficial to have a representative present during distribution. This allows for questions to be answered and information within printed material to be expanded upon.

2. Interactive Displays

Of course having person to person interaction is an advantage in many sales and marketing environments however similar impact can be made by interactive displays. What do we mean by interactive displays? Whether it’s a poster, roller banner or calendar as soon as a potential customers reads the information displayed on the item they have interacted with it. In short, the benefits of poster printing, roller banner printing and brochure printing are hard to measure but imperative to successful marketing endeavours.

3. Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing can successfully work either alongside or in place of other distributional techniques that are part of your wider marketing strategy. When compared to other forms of print distribution, this technique is more likely to generate the initial customer attention that leads to consumer action. By securing a place in the homes of your target audience, your promotional material is almost guaranteed to be considered in a way that promotions in public spaces are not. This direct distributional method allows your content to be consumed in a place that lacks other distractions and therefore increases the probability of the audience considering what you have to share.

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