Your logo is your company’s number one visual asset, which is why the look and feel needs to stay consistent across all your branding. That’s why you need to set some basic rules on colour, typography, tone and layout.
What’s a style guide and why do I need one?
How do people remember and identify your business? Through your logo. It’s the face of your brand which is why it makes sense to have some hard and fast rules about the way its appears on your business printing, from printed letterheads to business cards – that’s your style guide. Keep the logo consistent across your business printing portfolio and customers will soon start to recognise the colours, shape and style of your branding.
Focus on your logo
You need to be clear on the layout, colours and placement of your logo whether you’re specifying rules for brochure printing, stationery printing or letterhead printing. That’s why it makes sense to create several different variations of your logo, with some specific rules about sizing and specific colours to build brand integrity.
Create connection with colours
Colour connects us with a brand emotionally and mentally, and some of the world’s most recognisable brands use colour effectively in that way. When you’re choosing colour for your logo, make sure you pick specific Pantone or CMYK colours so that they stay absolutely consistent across all your high-quality printing.
Type cast yourself with typography
The fonts you use are often overlooked when you’re creating an overall style for your publicity and marketing materials. But it’s actually crucial that you have a set of fonts that give a look and style you – and more importantly your customers – find attractive and legible. When deciding on your common theme, check that your chosen fonts display well in a range of size points and colours.
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Create a killer design
Creating exceptional visual assets is key to creating your style guide, and at we’re a leading online printing company that specialises in high-quality printing and design services. We can help you to create a suite of business stationery and matching business cards and letterheads that follow your style guide to the letter for consistency, accuracy and brand recognition. Contact us today and we’ll be here to help you set the rules.