In today’s digital world, direct mail marketing often gets left by the wayside. But why should it? Direct mail marketing is still a great way for businesses to reach their audience, catch their attention and strike up a personal connection. Here are 4 reasons why your business should include direct mail in their marketing plan.

1. Return on Investment

Direct mail marketing can deliver a higher return on investment than paid search advertising. Direct mail has a median return on investment of 29%, and is only behind email and social marketing. Email marketing only has a response rate of around 0.6% and a click-through-rate of 2-3%. The average response rate for direct mail marketing is 5.3%, and so you can really see how it holds its own against digital marketing channels. []

2. Brand Awareness

Direct mail has the real potential to stick around in people’s homes for long periods. This means people can be consistently exposed to your brand, day in, day out. A great way to encourage this is to include coupons or vouchers, something that will make individuals more likely to save it for a later date.

3. All Age Groups

Direct mail marketing has the potential to reach all age groups. Digital techniques such as email or social media marketing reach predominantly younger people, so if your demographic is older, you need to rethink your marketing policies. Direct mail reaches everyone, young and old. By just investing in direct mail, you can turn just about anyone into a potential customer.

4. The Sky is the Limit

There is no limit on the creative potential of direct mail marketing. Direct mail relies on a physical item, and so marketers can create just about anything they want to. Flyer printing and brochure printing might be common choices, but that isn’t all that’s available.

As an example of a creative solution, a gym once had a problem with members quitting because they didn’t achieve immediate results. Of course, getting results from working out takes time, and so they sent calendars to their members with illustrations of the gradual progress they could achieve if they stuck to the program.

No small business direct mail marketing campaign is complete without printed products. Get in touch with the experts at to get the ball rolling on the printed marketing materials for your direct mail campaign.