Printing and print marketing is a highly effective way to market your start-up business. Below we’ve listed out some of the best ways you can increase brand awareness and sales through printed marketing materials.
If you’ve just established a start-up business one of the key challenges you will face is a lack of awareness about your company and brand. The best way you can promote what your business does is by networking. Attending seminars and talks is a great way for you to introduce yourself to suppliers and target customers in your industry to build awareness of your brand. You’ll need to ensure you have printed business cards that represent your business, that are designed using your company logo, brand colours and tone of voice.
Events including conferences and expos are a great way for you to highlight your brand to your target audience. Thanks to developments in technology you can showcase what your business has to offer across digital and print technologies on your stand from ipads to brochure printing. The advantage of taking printed products to your events is that you’re able to hand out marketing materials to the people you talk to, giving them something to take away and read to reiterate the key messages you discussed. You can leave all your contact details on printed leaflets, booklets, brochures and business cards so that the people you meet are able to contact you after the event. Another great marketing tool at events is to run a competition to win a bottle of champagne by asking people to enter their business cards into a draw. This way you’re gaining potential new business leads and improving your brand reputation by running a giveaway competition.
Direct marketing
If you’ve opened a restaurant, bar, hairdressers or nail salon in a new location and you want to attract local trade, you could use a direct mail campaign to market your business directly to your target audience. You could send out printed brochures to customers living near your business, offering them 10% off their first booking if they keep their voucher for when they arrive at the shop. This is a great way to track the success of your direct marketing campaign, and help you work out the return on investment of your printed marketing materials.
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